Panair's History & Background

Panair Laboratory, Incorporated advanced through more than
three-quarters of a century of aviation history. It was originally
established as the
Pan American World Airways laboratory in 1929,
and has kept pace with innovations in the airline industry, analyzing
all types of aircraft materials from interior fabrics to airframe and
engine metals and fuels. This history includes developmental work
for fuels used in the first commercial jet aircraft and various
experimental materials testing for all aircraft systems.

Some of this history still lives with owner/president Carl Johnson
who has carried forward quality control testing for fuels since 1976,
after logging twenty-seven years with Pan American Airways. The
tradition of excellence is being passed-on in this family-led business,
with the next generation modernizing the facility while maintaining
the commitment to quality of the past.

Today, Panair is a premier boutique laboratory analyzing fuel for a
client base that includes major oil companies, airlines, government
agencies, and power plants throughout the world. Panair offers one
of the most rapid testing turnaround times in the business, receiving
samples daily by courier services and picking up samples as cargo,
inbound to Miami International Airport. Most test results for jet
fuel, aviation gasoline, motor gasoline, diesel fuel, and hydraulic
fluid arriving in the morning are available by the end of the workday.

Panair has stringent intramural and extramural quality assurance
programs, is a member of
ASTM, and has conducted analyses for the
U. S. Department of Defense, Air Force One, National
Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration,
state and local agencies and oil companies, and has conducted
aircraft crash investigations.

We look forward to assisting you with your analytical needs!

Panair Laboratory, Incorporated
Phone: 305-594-9055
Fax: 305-477-9137
Shipping & Mailing Address:
4301 N. W. 72 Avenue, Miami, Florida 33166
Contact: Carl, Eric or Mark Johnson
Clipper Flying Boat
Taxiing for Takeoff, Miami
Flying Boat Dockside at old
Pan Am, Dinner Key,
currently Miami City Hall
Lot of Present Day Dinner
Key Auditorium, Miami,
Miami International
Airport, circa 1938